Sunday, January 30, 2011

Third Day Post-op

Richard is out of Intensive Care and into a standard room on the neurological post-operative unit. The great move came at 1 PM today, Sunday.  He is stable on his feet.  His main challenge is in regaining his capacity of speech.  He did utter one very long sentence saying, "I'm not a dazzling conversationalist."  Those 11 syllables took work but he sounded so good and triumphant in delivery.

Given his steady solid progression and given the threat of the a huge winter storm on the horizon, I think he will probably be discharged to come home tomorrow.  Speech therapy and physical therapy should be able to be arranged to visit him at home and should prove to be a bargain for the insurance company. I have my hopes up to bring  him home.


  1. Awesome! We are so happy to hear of Richard's progress!! We will continue to keep Richard and all of you in our prayers! Larry and Judy

  2. That comment sounds so like Richard! Hope he continues to progress and gets home soon. I have shared the good news of his progress with everyone at work - they all say to tell him "hello" and to get well soon. Drive carefully in the upcoming weather and get home safely. Keep me posted.