Thursday, January 27, 2011

Anticipation and suspense continue

As I ponder what to write here I feel like I am drafting an article for some tabloid about a soap opera.  My mind is flooded with the twists and turns of possiblities that may lay ahead. 

About an hour and a half after the doctor was in to see us no one had called us from the Neuro Intensive Care Unit.  I decided to be bold and just walk on up.  Taking the just-walk-like-you-know-what-you-are-doing approach, I waltzed through the automatic doors and stopped at the unit secretary's desk.  Of course, she wasn't there so my bluster was busted.  I gently turned to the only nurse I saw writing notes on a computer outside a patient room that obviously did not contain Richard.  She was kind and pointed me to the next room. (This ICU is huge with 19 spacious rooms.)  The room was in a quiet corner of the unit. 

Richard opened his eyes when I called his name, but did not appear to really be tracking.  His color was good.  His vitals on the monitor were ideal.  He is just neurologically out-to-lunch right now.  John, Emory, Laura, Peter and Richard's mother Cathy all were able to enter his room to also speak to him. The doctor dropped in again and said Richard just needs some time to get past the anaesthesia and the brain manipulation.  That made sense to me.  We all decided to leave for the night so that we can return rested in the morning.  Now comes the part that will require the most patience - waiting for his mind to clear to see if he has memory and mobility issues. 

Bring the organ vibrato up and let me sign off with a cliff hanger... to be continued tomorrow.


  1. We continue to lift your family up to the Lord in prayer. Debbie

  2. Renee, Thankful the surgery is over and praying for continued recovery for Richard and peace, strength, and patience for you and your family.
    God's blessings to each of you! Larry and Judy