Saturday, January 29, 2011

Second Day Post-op

Richard made great strides of progress today. Well, maybe it was a series of baby-steps, but it was progress none the less.  He started the day with the new CT scan and a clear liquid breakfast – I’d never seen such a face oozing euphoria over hospital coffee or sighing that Jello was so delightful. He could answer questions with a simple yes or no which made me euphoric.
About noon Dr. Matz came in and things started to move. Doctor said that the scan was clear so he removed the drain from the top of Richard’s head.  With that tether gone, Richard could gradually increase his mobility and progress to getting rid of some other tubes.  Like a jack-in-the-box he sprang into the recliner in the room – well, almost.  The physical therapist helped him get up and validated his stability.  After sitting in the chair for about 2 hours and after eating real food of pork roast and mashed potatoes with cheese cake, he settled back in bed. 
As I was leaving for the day the nurses removed his catheter.  He was delighted to have lost the tube on top and the tube down under.  Richard was starting to look more himself. 
I have returned to Rolla for the night.  After church in the morning, John and I will be going to St. Louis to see Richard’s progress. The doctor had said that Richard can move to the standard neurological unit to begin concentrating on rehabilitation – physical therapy and speech therapy.  By the time we get to the hospital tomorrow (about 1 PM) he may well be in a new room.  More tomorrow…

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