Monday, January 31, 2011

Fourth Day Post-op

…and still in the hospital.  Today, Monday, was the day to achieve the therapy evaluations.  Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy paraded through Richard’s room performing evaluations and reporting back to the doctor.

Richard is speaking more, but also frustrated more over getting his ideas formed and expressed.  In short, he was nervous over the idea of going home.  He couldn’t express what exactly was unnerving him, and that block in communication seemed to compound the frustration.  To stop that cycle and to empower him to feel full control over his situation, John and I left when he suddenly asked us too.  Richard was concerned for our safe travel in making the miles back to Rolla in the threat of a major winter storm warning. 

According to various reports tomorrow is supposed to be the day of a massive avalanche of ice and snow in south-central Missouri and the St. Louis area.  John and I made it safely home, and I will need to evaluate the conditions when they are in place tomorrow.  Here we are on the road to Wait-and-See.  

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