Sunday, March 13, 2011

Turned The Heel – Pivotal Proof

Back on February 13 I told you about Richard’s knitting project – wool socks – he’d started pre-operatively with the idea he would have it to occupy his recovery days.  Little did he believe that he would be “brain damaged” and thus challenged to perform the knitting.  The knit-purl ribbing of the sock top was a breeze, but the heel with the intricate stitch-by-stitch directions had the better of him. He grew weary looking at it and finally put it away, out of sight, to bury the nagging reminder of his brain weakness.   

Today, March 13, one month later, he dug it out and completed the heel! Happy dancing was in order. I danced not only for that cognitive progress, but the socks are for me.  I am now ½ foot closer to warm toes.  The race is on about which will happen first to facilitate warming my feet – warmer temperatures or completed socks?  Regardless of the winner, Richard now is obligated to admit he is improving!!

Richard and I are moving on to doing some tag team sewing.  We proved our sewing compatibility last week by completing a quilt for our latest great nephew.  This week we are moving on to design and construct TWO quilts for a most delightful reason.  Sarah and Neal are anticipating the arrival of TWINS in three to four weeks.  The twins are 15 months old and joining the family by way of adoption.  The twins are an “at-risk” adoption meaning the final papers will not be completed until after a waiting period to assure no previously unidentified extended biological family members come forward to request the children.  Looks like we will have a full and busy week.  

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