Saturday, February 12, 2011

From Flashback to Forward

Flashback to the Super Bowl commercials viewing – our family favorite was the Volkswagen commercial with the little Darth Vadar. Why?  The dad was the hero who empowered his little boy to succeed.  Now that is family values at their best.  

Now more about dad the hero and the most recent news…

Friday was Richard’s first outing since his ride home from the hospital. We headed to St. Louis for his post-op visit with the neurosurgeon.  On the way I needed to stop past JoAnn Fabrics to pick up some supplies for Laura.  Richard had the option of waiting in the car while I dashed in, but, no, he wanted to come along in.  I was delighted strolling into the store on his arm.  Being in the fabric store was splendid therapy for him.  He was wide-eyed and radiant with wonder at all the possibilities, but he kept his hands to himself, a difference from his normal stroking the fabrics.

We arrived at the hospital an hour early to have an intimate lunch at the Bistro Coffee Shop, an unbelievable hospital-based eatery. It was my turn to be radiant as I flashed back to the reality that a mere two weeks ago I’d been eating at the Bistro while Richard lay in the Intensive Care Unit. Here we were celebrating the recovery and restoration side of life.     

At the neurosurgeon’s appointment, the nurse removed the staples from Richard’s incision; he no longer looks like he has a zipper across the top of his head. The repeat CT scan of his head yielded a favorable picture of satisfactory healing without complications.  We were all pleased with the report.  Dr. Matz assured us to continue in our patience.  Gradually stimulating Richard to think and perform will yield the greatest dividend, but Doctor also projected that it will be at least 6 months before Richard will be ready to return to work.  Monday, I will be visiting with the personnel clerk at his work to sort out the paper work to go forward. 

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